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Hosts Brad Hennigan and Cliff Bumgardner are your digital guides to all things Internet, geek, and pop-culture on this podcast which their moms call, “Pretty funny, if you’re into that sort of thing.”

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    IP Summer Vacay

    Put down your pencils and grab the suntan location -- okay, let's be honest, you're probably not going outside. But it's summer nonetheless! This week the guys chat about their summer plans and where you can see them LIVE as IP takes a short summer break before season three.

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    Bad Omens: N0S4A2 Review & Good Omens Netflix Petition

    This week the cloud of sickness has lifted and the guys are back to talk about a recent petition to cancel the (not Netflix but) Amazon series Good Omens and review AMC's new Joe Hill adaptation, N0S4A2. Plus: a new character is introduced into the Internet Picnic universe!

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    The Saga of Jern: The Greatest Amazon Review Ever

    This week, sickness has befallen Internet Picnic! With Cliff sidelined by the plague, the guys bring you one of their favorite episodes of IP: Offline, in which they read the best Amazon review of all time and descend into the maddening world of the one and only JERN.

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    How Many Movies Can We Name? IP Movie Challenge!

    This week the guys do something a little different as they play an incredibly hard movie challenge! A random web generator names an actor, and we have to go back and forth naming movies that actor has been in. Get one wrong or hesitate and you're out! It's way harder (and more interesting to listen to) than it sounds, promise.

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    To Infinity: Aliens, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, & Valuable VHS

    This week the guys take to the sky! Topics include the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Disney theme park, conspiracy theories around mysterious UFO sightings, and... The most valuable VHS tapes? Yeah, we don't know how that relates to space either. Just go with it.

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    Pop-Culture Therapy: Fan Expectations & Losing Your Heroes

    This week the guys take an unexpected trip to the Pop-Culture therapy couch when a Game of Thrones discussion highlights the danger of fan expectations. Plus! Should Danny DeVito play Wolverine? Tens of thousands of fans say, "Uh... maybe?"

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    Newsflash: Robert Pattinson is Batman, GoT Finale, and a Grumpy Cat Eulogy

    It's all NEWS to us as this week the guys sit down to talk about what's been happening in a huge week for pop-culture, including Robert Pattinson's casting as Batman (and who should play his villains), the series finale of Game of Thrones, and the passing of the Internet's favorite feline: Grumpy Cat.

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    Avengers: Endgame Recap

    This week the guys take a one-way trip to Spoiler Town as they talk Avengers: Endgame, recapping their favorite moments, the best scenes, and more! Who lives, who dies, who tells your story... Wait, no, that's a different thing. It's a MARVELous episode you don't wanna miss! Note: If you haven't seen Endgame, the spoilers begin around the 16 minute mark.

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    50th Episode Special: Peter Mayhew, Game of Thrones, & Our Top 10 Episodes

    Can you believe it? IP has been slinging pop-culture and Internet news, goodies, and weirdness at you for 50 episodes! In honor of the anniversary, this week the guys look back at the 10 most-downloaded episodes of Internet Picnic to talk about their creation and share untold stories! Also discussed: The sad news of Peter Mayhew's passing and Game of Thrones' recent walk on the dark side of cinematography.

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    Marvel Mojo: Avengers Endgame, Bond 25, Bookstore Doc, & Dark Side of the Ring

    This week the guys are talkin' records and reading as they cover the history-making release of Avengers: Endgame (NO spoilers -- promise!) and a recent documentary about some of the world's greatest book stores. Also discussed: Major announcements for Bond 25 and Viceland's new docu-series, Dark Side of the Ring!

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    #TeamButts: Star Wars IX, Game of Thrones, & Notre Dame

    Ever geeked out so hard it made you cry? Yeah, us too. That's why this week the guys join #TeamButts as they talk about the Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker trailer, the new season of Game of Thrones, and how 3D models from Assassin's Creed: Unity may be used to rebuild Notre Dame!

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    Unstoppable Storytelling: An Interview with Comic Creators Hoyt Silva & Trey Walker

    This week the guys talk to comic creators Hoyt Silva and Trey Walker about their new book, LAST STOP – currently available on Kickstarter! It's a deep dive into stories about stories as Hoyt and Trey detail their journeys as yarn spinners, from Trey's challenges with dyslexia to Hoyt's tutelage under comics legend Brian Stelfreze and more!

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    Offline Preview: Myspace, #Bagelgate, &

    In this special preview episode of the Patreon-exclusive bonus show, Internet Picnic: Offline, the guys look at the Internet's past and future – exploring their embarrassing Myspace pages, venturing into the heated battles of #BagelGate, and visiting the online garbage market that is If you want more episodes of Offline, you can support the show at

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    Ghost Hunter Turned Skeptic: An Interview with Kenny Biddle

    Kenny Biddle used to believe in ghosts. Now he's a skeptic, traveling the country investigating paranormal claims through the lens of science and writing about his findings online – and this week he's in the Internet Picnic studio! Join the guys for an in-depth chat about Kenny's work and what made him turn from believer to skeptic.

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    Cage Rage: James Gunn, Nic Cage, & Strange Planet Live from NC Comicon

    This week the guys are LIVE from the floor of NC Comicon: Raleigh 2019! They sat down during a packed weekend of panels and geekery to talk James Gunn's rehiring to the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, Nic Cage's most iconic roles, and Nathan Pyle's Strange Planet webcomic.

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    Season 2 Premiere: Jeopardy, Star Wars, and a Sh*tload of Bats

    Internet Picnic is back! At last the new season you've all been waiting for has arrived... Well, the one without dragons anyway. This week the guys talk about Alex Trebek's heartbreaking announcement on Jeopardy, a Star Wars heist unlike any the galaxy has ever seen, and what happens when a million bloodthirsty bats are unleashed on Austin, Texas. Yeah, really.

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    The Blue Episode: Art, Critics, and Weezer

    This is it: The episode people will point to for the next twenty years and say, "Gah, remember when Internet Picnic was good?!" And the masses will answer, "No..." Nonetheless! This week the guys talk about art criticism through the horn-rimmed lenses of one of the greatest (or most disappointing, depending on who you ask) bands of all time: Weezer! Plus: Brad tells a story about how Netflix's NARCOS has invaded his wife's brain, and Cliff announces a brief Internet Picnic hiatus.

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    The Netflix Age: Haunting of Hill House, Bandersnatch & the Future of Streaming Storytelling

    This week, Cliff actually watched something! A review of The Haunting of Hill House leads to a discussion of Netflix, Bandersnatch, and the future of storytelling in the streaming age. Plus: Did Netflix steal our Space Force idea?! (Spoilers: Probably not.) Other topics include M. Night Shyamalan puns and Carl Jung's The Red Book (yes, really).

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    Talkin' Funny: The New Golden Age of Stand-Up Comedy

    This week the guys talk funny about talkin' funny! They dive into discussion on the craft of crackin' jokes -- including their favorite comedians, bits, the power of comedy and whether or not stand-up is in a new golden age.

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    How to Pitch Comic Books with Chris Ryall and Sarah Gaydos

    This week the guys go into the fray once more as they take you back to NC Comicon: Bull City 2018 with this exclusive panel! Ever wondered how comics get made – or wanted to make them yourself? IDW's Chris Ryall (Locke & Key, ROM the Space Knight) and Oni Press Editor-in-Chief Sarah Gaydos drop knowledge on how to pitch your great comics idea!

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    IP Christmas Special 2018: Rudy's Back

    Years after the events of the children's classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, a darker story begins. Four reindeer, formerly the faithful flying servants of Santa Clause himself, have been murdered. Those who remain are in danger. Few clues have been left behind. Picking up the case, the North Pole's guardian Sam the Snowman unravels a gruesome story of revenge set against the backdrop of time and change. If Christmas is ever to be the same again, Jolly Old Saint Nick must reunite his flock and gather the support of old friends before a once-trusted ally turned foe can complete his insidious master plan. All of this and more in this entirely improvised Internet Picnic Christmas Special!

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    Talkin' Trailers: Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, & Brightburn

    Did Cliff encounter a Bond villain on a plane recently? Why is that old lady getting punched in the face? What's up with all these questions? All will be revealed in this week's episode as the guys take a trip to trailer talkin' town to discuss the new glimpses at Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and Brightburn! Other topics include Carl Jung and James Bond porn titles. Yeah, it's one of those eps.

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    God Loves Geeks: An Interview with Pastor Will Rose

    Good God, y'all! This week the guys are geekin' and speakin' with Will Rose – a lifelong nerd and Lutheran Pastor who's trying to bridge the divide between religion and pop culture. Recorded LIVE from the floor of NC Comicon: Bull City 2018.

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    Make Science Yours: An Interview with Mythbusters Jr.'s Tamara Robertson

    This week it's back to the con as the guys sit down with actress, maker, TV host, and science communicator Tamara Robertson! Tamara talks about her time on Mthbusters: The Search, her upcoming work on Science Channel's Mythbusters Jr., how she encourages young people to get into the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, & math) field, and more!

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    Pop-Culture Therapy: Is TV Bad for You?

    Sit back on the couch, take a deep breath, and let the feelings flow! This week the guys eulogize two industry titans in Stan Lee and William Goldman, then open up about their pop-culture woes in a brand new segment!

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    Internet Picnic Live from NC Comicon Bull City 2018

    This week the guys are LIVE! Join them from the floor of NC Comicon: Bull City 2018 as they talk their favorite sights and stories from an amazing weekend and interview IP Super-Fan Alex Smith!

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    Mikey's Back: Halloween 2018 Movie Review

    Grab your rifle and head for the basement, Michael Myers is back! This week the guys review the new Halloween sequel bit by bit, talking through all their favorite moments and every brutal fatality. And if you've yet to see the movie, don't stress! The first twenty minutes are SPOILER FREE!

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    Pretend Scary: 2018 Halloween Costume Ideas

    Tired of the same old costume ideas? Wanna hit up the Halloween parties in something nobody has ever seen (or wanted to see) before? The boys at IP are here to help! This week the guys talk their ideas for awesome pop-culture costumes that're guaranteed to help you stand out... and perhaps make people wonder what's wrong with you.

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    Scribing Scares: An Interview with Horror Writer Brockton McKinney

    Kick off the Halloween season right with the first episode in IP's month of horror! This week Brad's on paternity leave so Cliff takes the reins for an interview with writer, filmmaker, and raconteur Brockton McKinney! From his roots in public access TV to comics like EHMM THEORY, AMERIKARATE, and THE GINGERDEAD MAN, to his work for FULL MOON FEATURES and MAD MAGAZINE, Brock's got a love affair with scares and he's here to share! (We're way prouder of that rhyme than we should be.) Also discussed: writing process, what makes black comedy so difficult to pull off, and the Hasselhoffian fever dream that is Baywatch Nights Season 2.

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    Casual Tuesdays: Hurricanes, Movie Sets, and Giveaway Winners

    Loosen your smiley face tie, kick off your loafers, and relax for a laid back episode of IP as Brad and Cliff recap the crazy week that was -- complete with hurricanes, movie magic, and... dirty diaper games? Plus stick around to find out the winner of the Vault Comics Wasted Space Force Giveaway!

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    Space Force: The Movie - The Complete Saga

    It's the complete Space Force: The Movie trilogy in one episode! Hear tales of adventure, science, and poor improv as Neil Aldrin and the Space Force crew venture into space to battle the dreaded Clin-Tons! This episode collects Internet Picnic episodes 17, 18, and 20. Special thanks to our pals at Vault Comics for sponsoring Space Force: The Movie!

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    Space Force: The Movie Pt. 3

    At last, the final climactic chapter of SPACE FORCE: THE MOVIE! This week the guys venture into space one last time with Neil Aldrin and his intrepid Space Force crew. Will they be able to defeat the dreaded Clin-Tons and save the day at last, or will they succumb to fear and the dreaded memories of Tang? Find out now!

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    Showtune Swoon: Our Favorite Broadway Musicals

    It's the singalong episode of Internet Picnic! (Don't worry, not really.) This week the guys talk about their all time favorite Broadway musicals -- and the show that nearly killed the podcast! Also discussed: The Maniac, Mid90's, and Red Dead Redemption 2 trailers, a lawsuit involving San Diego Comic-Con, and the future of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

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    Fighting Words: WWE Summerslam 2018 Review

    Cliff loves pro wrestling; Brad loves MMA. How will they ever get along? It's more than just a great setup for a sitcom, it's Fighting Words! This week the guys go 10 rounds in verbal fisticuffs (aka talking) as they review Summerslam 2018 in the debut episode of this new Internet Picnic bonus series!

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    Space Force: The Movie Pt. 2

    Once more into the breach our heroes go! This week we pick back up with Neil Aldrin and his crew in part 2 of Space Force: The Movie! It's a tale of suspense, intrigue, pantsuits, and Tang as the Space Force crew receive a cryptic message from a Clin-Ton emissary that may change their mission – and their country – forever...

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    Space Force: The Movie Pt. 1

    This week the guys venture beyond Earth's atmosphere as they break the story and cast for SPACE FORCE: THE MOVIE! Follow fighter pilot turned astro-soldier Neil Aldrin and his ragtag crew -- including Dave Bautista, Ronda Rousey, and Keanu Reeves -- as they head into space to battle the greatest enemy the world has ever known... The dreaded Clin-Tons! Also discussed: Cliff's recent movie fail, the Oscar's announcement of an Achievement in Popular Film category, casting rumors for the next Bond, and Epic Game's lawsuit with a fourteen year old who hacked Fornite!

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    Tom Cruise it or Lose It: Mission Impossible: Fallout Movie Review

    This week the guys Cruise through a review of Ethan Hunt's newest adventure in Mission Impossible: Fallout! It's a deep dive into every insane stunt, explosion, and action-packed moment – and if you haven't seen the flick yet, don't stress! The first part of the review is SPOILER FREE! (NOTE: Spoilers begin at the 25 minute mark.)

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    A Thousand Words: Interview with Comic Book Artist Tony Gregori

    This week the guys interview a real live comic book artist! Illustrator and creator Tony Gregori joins Brad and Cliff to talk about his career, approach to comics, and work on Karma Police, Deuce of Hearts, Porkchop Robot Killer, and more! Plus, Cliff and Tony tease their own upcoming project you don't want to miss...

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    South of the Border Stories: Sicario 2, The Cartel, Breaking Bad, & More!

    The one where the show goes south! This week Brad and Cliff delve into one of their favorite crime genres with a discussion of Don Winslow's The Cartel, Sicario 2, Breaking Bad, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and more narco-inspired stories! Also discussed: Neil Blomkamp directing a new Robocop, Nathan Fillion's tease of an Uncharted film, and more!

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    Sun Days: Best Books, Movies, and Music For Summer

    This week it's the first-ever long distance episode as Brad calls in from his vacation in Maine to talk his favorite films, bands, and books for summer! Also discussed: The passing of comics legend Steve Ditko, Nic Cage's casting in the next animated Spider-Man film, and the fallout from UFC 226!

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    Tony Montana's Son

    It's a DOOZY of an episode as the guys break with tradition (and their minds) when a listener's question sends them down a garden path of choices in a movie-centric game of Would You Rather!

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    Horror Show

    Summer's here, it's hot outside, the sun's blazing, so what better to talk about than... Horror movies?! Well, it makes sense to us. This week Brad Brad gives his spoiler-free review of the A24 hit Hereditary, Cliff watches the new Halloween trailer for the first time, and the guys go geek on their top 3 favorite lesser-known horror flicks! Also discussed: The passing of wrestling legend Big Van Vader, Gotti's rotten box office ratings, and the dubious future of the Star Wars anthology films!

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    Pixel Perfect

    This week the guys bask in the glory that is E3 with a rundown of the biggest announcements, events, and games from this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo! Then, somehow, it gets even nerdier as they count down their five favorite video games of all time.

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    Fighting Words

    This week it's an epic clash of words as the guys spew about sparring! Cliff and Brad discuss UFC 225 and CM Punk's second-ever MMA fight and preceding court case, then run down the biggest headlines and gaming announcements from this year's E3 so far – and they wrap it all up with a pun-filled game of Create a Wrestler, brother brother.

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    Casting Cowl

    Don your cape and grab your batarangs, we're going to Gotham! This week the guys talk Netflix's first comic series The Magic Order, the Fallout 76, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Suspiria trailers, and fantasy cast their very own Batman movie in a game of Casting Director!

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    Summer Soldier

    On the eve of Brad's shoulder reconstruction, the guys switch things up for a very special episode in which they reveal the depths of Cliff's nerdyness... as if it's a surprise to anyone.

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    Sick Day

    Cliff has been brought down by the black plague (actually it's just a cold, he'll be fine), so while he heals up enjoy these previously unreleased snippets from some of our favorite convos! Brad reviews a recent read, Devil in the White City, Cliff talks crime legend Elmore Leonard, and the guys review and discuss Wrestlemania 34 and fall down a deep, dark wrestling rabbit hole.

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    Tragically Magical

    We had to get Jeff fitted for a top hat and tails, 'cus this week we're going magical! Brad's recent trip to The Illusionists off-Broadway show sends the guys down a rabbit hole (get it, because magicians have rabbits?) to Cliff's dark, nerdy, trickster past, where embarrassing stories abound.

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    Bonus: Uncut Interview with Kevin Schaefer

    Enjoy the full, uncut audio from our interview with Kevin Schaefer in this special bonus episode! Cliff and Kev sound off about everything from the CORPUS anthology to Batman: The Animated Series and Kevin's work on!

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    A Demon Wins the Race

    It's a HELLACIOUS (that'll make sense later) episode of IP as the guys welcome a special guest, writer, podcaster, and CORPUS comics anthology contributor Kevin Schaefer! Plus, they talk about a former WWE Champion turned Mayoral candidate, the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer, Hulu's upcoming Stephen King series Castle Rock, and more!

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    Bonus: Avengers Infinity War Discussion

    Spoilers abound as the guys talk through the highs and lows of Avengers: Infinity War in this spoiler-filled bonus episode! Did we mention there's spoilers? Seriously, spoilers.

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    God Hates Our Podcast

    What dangers hath our podcasting wrought? Find out when Brad and Cliff share a story about an episode nearly ruined by an act of God, and stick around for a discussion of their #Filmstruck4 Films that Define You – featuring special guest Jeff the Bear!

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    Hibernation is Over

    The snow has melted, spring has come, hibernation is over, and the boys of Internet Picnic are back! This week Brad and Cliff talk Fortnite and Far Cry 5, preview Action Comics #1000, and bare their movie-loving souls in a game of Cinema Confessions.

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    Bonus: Not-So Secret Origins

    Who the eff are Brad and Cliff? What's Internet Picnic? And why am I listening to this show?! Get answers to all of these questions (except the last one, that's on you) in this special bonus episode! Also a discussion of Home Alone as a modern horror film. Yeah, it gets weird.

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