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Hosts Brad Hennigan and Cliff Bumgardner are your digital guides to all things Internet, geek, and pop-culture on this podcast which their moms call, “Pretty funny, if you’re into that sort of thing.”

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    Season 2 Premiere: Jeopardy, Star Wars, and a Sh*tload of Bats

    Internet Picnic is back! At last the new season you've all been waiting for has arrived... Well, the one without dragons anyway. This week the guys talk about Alex Trebek's heartbreaking announcement on Jeopardy, a Star Wars heist unlike any the galaxy has ever seen, and what happens when a million bloodthirsty bats are unleashed on Austin, Texas. Yeah, really.

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    The Blue Episode: Art, Critics, and Weezer

    This is it: The episode people will point to for the next twenty years and say, "Gah, remember when Internet Picnic was good?!" And the masses will answer, "No..." Nonetheless! This week the guys talk about art criticism through the horn-rimmed lenses of one of the greatest (or most disappointing, depending on who you ask) bands of all time: Weezer! Plus: Brad tells a story about how Netflix's NARCOS has invaded his wife's brain, and Cliff announces a brief Internet Picnic hiatus.

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    The Netflix Age: Haunting of Hill House, Bandersnatch & the Future of Streaming Storytelling

    This week, Cliff actually watched something! A review of The Haunting of Hill House leads to a discussion of Netflix, Bandersnatch, and the future of storytelling in the streaming age. Plus: Did Netflix steal our Space Force idea?! (Spoilers: Probably not.) Other topics include M. Night Shyamalan puns and Carl Jung's The Red Book (yes, really).

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    Talkin' Funny: The New Golden Age of Stand-Up Comedy

    This week the guys talk funny about talkin' funny! They dive into discussion on the craft of crackin' jokes -- including their favorite comedians, bits, the power of comedy and whether or not stand-up is in a new golden age.

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    How to Pitch Comic Books with Chris Ryall and Sarah Gaydos

    This week the guys go into the fray once more as they take you back to NC Comicon: Bull City 2018 with this exclusive panel! Ever wondered how comics get made – or wanted to make them yourself? IDW's Chris Ryall (Locke & Key, ROM the Space Knight) and Oni Press Editor-in-Chief Sarah Gaydos drop knowledge on how to pitch your great comics idea!

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    IP Christmas Special 2018: Rudy's Back

    Years after the events of the children's classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, a darker story begins. Four reindeer, formerly the faithful flying servants of Santa Clause himself, have been murdered. Those who remain are in danger. Few clues have been left behind. Picking up the case, the North Pole's guardian Sam the Snowman unravels a gruesome story of revenge set against the backdrop of time and change. If Christmas is ever to be the same again, Jolly Old Saint Nick must reunite his flock and gather the support of old friends before a once-trusted ally turned foe can complete his insidious master plan. All of this and more in this entirely improvised Internet Picnic Christmas Special!

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    Talkin' Trailers: Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, & Brightburn

    Did Cliff encounter a Bond villain on a plane recently? Why is that old lady getting punched in the face? What's up with all these questions? All will be revealed in this week's episode as the guys take a trip to trailer talkin' town to discuss the new glimpses at Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and Brightburn! Other topics include Carl Jung and James Bond porn titles. Yeah, it's one of those eps.

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    God Loves Geeks: An Interview with Pastor Will Rose

    Good God, y'all! This week the guys are geekin' and speakin' with Will Rose – a lifelong nerd and Lutheran Pastor who's trying to bridge the divide between religion and pop culture. Recorded LIVE from the floor of NC Comicon: Bull City 2018.

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