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Hosts Brad Hennigan and Cliff Bumgardner are your digital guides to all things Internet, geek, and pop-culture on this podcast which their moms call, “Pretty funny, if you’re into that sort of thing.”

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    Make Science Yours: An Interview with Mythbusters Jr.'s Tamara Robertson

    This week it's back to the con as the guys sit down with actress, maker, TV host, and science communicator Tamara Robertson! Tamara talks about her time on Mthbusters: The Search, her upcoming work on Science Channel's Mythbusters Jr., how she encourages young people to get into the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, & math) field, and more!

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    Pop-Culture Therapy: Is TV Bad for You?

    Sit back on the couch, take a deep breath, and let the feelings flow! This week the guys eulogize two industry titans in Stan Lee and William Goldman, then open up about their pop-culture woes in a brand new segment!

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    Internet Picnic Live from NC Comicon Bull City 2018

    This week the guys are LIVE! Join them from the floor of NC Comicon: Bull City 2018 as they talk their favorite sights and stories from an amazing weekend and interview IP Super-Fan Alex Smith!

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    Mikey's Back: Halloween 2018 Movie Review

    Grab your rifle and head for the basement, Michael Myers is back! This week the guys review the new Halloween sequel bit by bit, talking through all their favorite moments and every brutal fatality. And if you've yet to see the movie, don't stress! The first twenty minutes are SPOILER FREE!

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    Pretend Scary: 2018 Halloween Costume Ideas

    Tired of the same old costume ideas? Wanna hit up the Halloween parties in something nobody has ever seen (or wanted to see) before? The boys at IP are here to help! This week the guys talk their ideas for awesome pop-culture costumes that're guaranteed to help you stand out... and perhaps make people wonder what's wrong with you.

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    Scribing Scares: An Interview with Horror Writer Brockton McKinney

    Kick off the Halloween season right with the first episode in IP's month of horror! This week Brad's on paternity leave so Cliff takes the reins for an interview with writer, filmmaker, and raconteur Brockton McKinney! From his roots in public access TV to comics like EHMM THEORY, AMERIKARATE, and THE GINGERDEAD MAN, to his work for FULL MOON FEATURES and MAD MAGAZINE, Brock's got a love affair with scares and he's here to share! (We're way prouder of that rhyme than we should be.) Also discussed: writing process, what makes black comedy so difficult to pull off, and the Hasselhoffian fever dream that is Baywatch Nights Season 2.

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